Back in the studio again – after a break to work on spiritual,  emotional,  physical and social well-being. Looking forward to it. The album is so  close to  being finished now I can taste it!!

Attached is the latest demo version of Renewed’ . I share with you the message & life lesson in it, which I hope will affect you positively, as it has me. I find the more I listen to my songs, the more I get something out of them myself. I have some ‘Oh yeah’ moments, like I’m learning the lesson all over again. I’m glad, as I want the songs God has given me to heal, restore, inspire & excite, as this is what they have done for me. I’m so grateful for the gift of being about to create music. It’s so cool! Looking forward to the imminent release of But for the Grace of God’. But for now enjoy ‘Renewed’! T



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