Living Room Sessions (2)

Hi all,

Yesterday, I was playing around with the scat sound on my keyboard & just started scatting- Jazz-style!. It was fun to just let lose. I’m calling it Scat Therapy- to aid the sometimes uncomfortable-ness of being in lockdown.

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Peace be with you all.

Hope you enjoy!

Living Room Sessions

Hi all,

I have recording a stripped back Tremmusic cover of ‘What’s Going On’ by Marvin Gaye. No mic. No musicians. Just me at my keyboard singing in my living room. I even dressed up for you (Ha ha!).

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Radio Days (4)

Hi all,

Got a last minute call for a telephone interview on BBC Music Introducing at Three Counties Radio on Sunday 3rd May. Here is a recording of the interview. Me & the host sound like we’ve known each other for ages, even though we’ve never met officially.

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Happy VE Day!