Hi all,

My rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ featuring Marc James on guitar and vocals. We had fun recording this. The audio version is available to listening to above.

Hope it gets you in the Christmas mood!

Merry Christmas & a happy new year.

Better days are ahead.



Hi all,

I took January off to rest & regroup from all the activity last year. As great as it was, it was tiring.

February & March, so far, have been spent planning & recording. I’m working away on the second album. Previews will be available soon.

Right now I’m building up my online profile & promoting the first album, for those who are still yet to hear it, I am now also a member of the Musician’s Union. I’ve made some valuable connections with other musicians too.

I will be going to New York soon. Open mic nights here I come. I will also be taking the opportunity to take some new photos.

Stay tuned for news of new videos, concerts, reviews etc in the coming months.


Hi all, just a reminder that I will be performing on the Community Stage in Mill Meadows for the 2018 Bedford River Festival. I will be on at 1.25pm ( see below). I’ll be joined on stage by Billy D, Gary Smith, Helena Marsh, Daniel Lam & Tiffany Pemberton on jazz flute.

I will also be chatting to BBC Three Counties Radio about my performance, so tune in both Friday 5.30pm & Saturday 2pm.

I hoped see you there.

T x

Tremmusic 1.25pm

The Community Stage is in Mill Meadows above.

Hi all,image
just a quick note to let you know, if you didn’t already, that Talk to Me (Pt.1), is now available free to listen to on Soundcloud. Please feel free to have a listen & leave your comments. It is one of my favorites from the album & the lyrics still help me today.


This is for all those out there who think of themselves as ‘duffs’. I may be behind, but just watch the movie ‘The Duff’ and I was inspired. Not to try a new makeover, so that I can get the guy. No I was inspired to be myself, but turn it up to 11!! Spinal tap joke from the movie. I mean be me on full volume. I’ve spent most of my life with dampeners, restricting myself out of fear.
What would it be like to be completely myself, no restrictions, no apologies??? I ask myself and like the fact that this seems like a brilliant idea for the first time in my life. Now how do I do that????!!!I’m asking myself and God, not necessarily you guys. I recommend the movie, but need to add there is some swearing and suggestiveness. 

I wanna turn it up!!Tremaine that is.IMG_0215


Big news!!!IMG_0044

I’m performing at the 2016 Bedford River Festival on Saturday 16th July.
If you’ve never been before, I recommend it-music, food, dragon boat racing- pure entertainment. Thousands of people gathered around the river, having fun.
I’m doing a 30 min set on the community stage at 1.30pm. 
Been dreaming of doing this event since I first heard of it years ago, so a dream come true. Preparing the set now. Would love to see you guys there.

T x