Hi all,

My rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ featuring Marc James on guitar and vocals. We had fun recording this. The audio version is available to listening to above.

Hope it gets you in the Christmas mood!

Merry Christmas & a happy new year.

Better days are ahead.


Hey all,

I have a new video series called ‘Behind the Music’. A set of short videos revealing the inspirations & meanings behind my songs.

I hope you can to relate to the life experiences that fuelled the lyrics & learn more about my writing/production process.

The first video in the series is about ‘Renewed’ & is available now on my channel. The rest will be uploaded over the next couple of weeks as well as some Christmas videos for you to enjoy.

I love adding my Tremmusic flavour to traditional Christmas songs, so stay tuned.on that.

Hope you enjoy my new video & be sure to subscribe!

Thank you for all your support.


Hi all,

I have a Youtube channel for music videos, cover songs & acoustic versions of my songs. I have set myself the goal of reaching 100 subscribers in the next month, which I have called Challenge 100.

100 + subscribers means I get my own URL & people can find my channel more easily.

Please join me in this challenge – check out my channel, subscribe & please share the link with others!

The countdown begins…now!



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Challenge 100