Learning a lot!

Hi all

As the title says, I’m learning a lot. Just when you think you know where you’re going, there is a corner you’ve never seen. As you turn that corner there is a whole new world of possibility, differences, challenges, dreams, visions, people you’ve never met. That was my experience on and after the Micro-Nets (Ellell Ministries) course I recently went on. Well! Surprise! There is more. Much more than I thought. Haven’t quite figured out what I’m sensing yet, but excited and awed by the expansion of my mind.

There is a song I like, with the lyrics “deeper, higher in the love of Jesus”. Yes please! It may feel uncomfortable, hurt, seem risky, but going deeper with God means being closer to Him. Also being closer to God is better than the safe place you thought you were in before. It is real love, not a poor imitation or false comfort.

From experience, I have learnt it is much easier to move closer to God, when you know who He is. Posted a video which I hope helps you as it has helped me to understand better who God is, instead of who I think or who others say He is.

His love = no better valentines present.

Have a great day.


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